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The Art of Framing is our Passion........

From simple photo frames, box frames to elegant Italian mouldings. The 'Barefaced' range of mouldings can be selected to create bespoke finishes using paints, stains and waxes. Our framing services caters for all your requirements.

We frame all types of media including 3.D. object framing.

3.D. or box framing is a very decorative technique to display all those precious heirlooms that tend to languish forgotten in drawers or attics.

A box is constructed at a suitable depth to accommodate the item and sits within the chosen moulding. This device is suitable for framing sport shirts or items requiring a deep box.

A tapered box is another method of boxing, and is used to frame soft toys such as Teddy bears, dolls or toys.

Medals and memorabilia can be framed using an indent method. The shape of the item is carefully cut into a substrate of a suitable depth allowing it to sit flush. The substrate is then finished with a material such as velvet and the item placed into the indent.

Free standing box frames can also be created for smaller items and can be displayed on tables or selves as a stand alone item.
Shadow boxes are created by placing a window mount between the glass and box. This creates a very pleasing shadow and emphases the 3.D. effect. It also allows windows for titles etc.